Where can you shoot?

Although firearms are potentially very dangerous objects, there are still a lot of those among us who have fallen under their spell and would like to play soldiers, at least someday. But most of these people never get a proper firearm. This is not because such weapons would not be available on our market, but because their possession and use are quite strictly regulated, and therefore only truly proven people who do not pose a risk to society can get to them legally.

I\’m sure you\’ll understand why. If anyone could buy a firearm, it would be swarming all around us with armed criminals and one would not be sure of life anywhere. And so it\’s actually good that real firearms aren\’t available to everyone.

automatická zbraň

But what about those who would like to shoot themselves so safely? Those who do not intend to harm anyone, who just want to unwind by shooting at a target and would be satisfied? It\’s not quite fair to them.

And so that even people without a gun license can enjoy their weapons to the full, so that they can at least sometimes and somewhere pull the trigger, there is a shooting range Praha in our country, where similar people can satisfy such desires. This is where anyone can go at any time, and it is here that they will be fired from real weapons that normal civilians would hardly get their hands on.

stará pistole

All you have to do is make an appointment and let the organizers take you here, and once you get all the necessary equipment, anyone can shoot here with the help of a capable instructor. And under the most affordable conditions.

And such an offer is not only valid for our people. Due to the fact that the local instructors can also speak English without any problems, the local shooting range can also be used by foreign guests.

And so anyone in our country can try real shooting. Even someone who would otherwise hardly ever get a real firearm.